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 Our company uses the latest CNC technologies to produce our tools in less time and with more precision. We have the ability to make any complicated tools in areas such as auto, aerospace, and much more.

About Us

We are a pattern or casting tools maker. By combining the most advanced computer-aided design (CAD) and computer numerical control (CNC), we are able to provide the most accurate, precise, and durable tools for our customers while reducing manufacturing time. The sand casting procedure can be used on wood, plastics, or other materials to make draft allowance, and machining allowance to provide quality grade to the tools. Thus, the tools will retain their dimensional accuracy and long lasting capability.


ISO 9000 Certified

Specialized in CNC Development Tools

In the process of making the tools, we are combining CAD and high power CNC Machines to support our customer's tools to closely match specific tolerance allowance. 


We are also using the lastest CNC Machines to speed up the process of making tools while having the ability to cut more in less time and providing better results.

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